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Climatic health resort Espenschied

Postcard from Espenschied

The climatic health resort Espenschied is an obvious place for a one day trip, as well as for a short- or weekend vacation trip and for longer stays for recreation. This village unifies absolutely relaxation and the possibility to visit cultural highlights in the well known Rhine area.

The Tourist and Homeland Club Espenschied presents own internet pages ( with actual events and further information of the climatic health resort Espenschied.
Visit the web pages of the WispertalSteig, one of the famous hiking trails in the Wisper valley.

The climatic health resort to breath

The climatic health resort Espenschied is located like a sunny terrace about 1500 feet above sea level in a charming, positive healing south slope location in the middle of the Naturpark Rheingau-Taunus. The Rheingau is popular not only because of its famous wines and cultural highlights, it's also one of the most densely wooded areas in Hessen, Germany.
One of the symbols in Espenschied is the baroque church St. Nickolaus, which was built in 1652 and enlarged in 1749. Its Onion tower can be seen from far away.
The village Espenschied was for the first time documentary mentioned in 1187. Therefore it is older than for example the capital of Germany, Berlin.
The center of daily live in this village is the centre, which is grown in 800 years. Here, you can meet people in the summer-evenings, where you can end the day by talking about interesting things and - maybe - drinking a good glass of wine.
The character of this village is village like and familiar. This garanties a fast integration of guests.
Espenschied is a perfect vacation and recreation goal, because of its wonderful location, surrounded by the Taunus woods and only about 10 miles away from the River Rhine. Besides the well known sights along the River Rhine, with its castles, you're also invited by the fresh air for a walk, where the kids will also be impressed.

The sunny terrace of the Wisper valley

The health resort Espenschied ist a „staatlich anerkannter Luftkurort“ since 1974.
The longly stretched, wooded mountain range is a hindrance for the cold northern winds. On the other hand, the mild southwest streams stream directly towards the village. They assure a healthy resort climate.
Above-average temperatures, little rain, many sunny hours and fogfree fall days make Espenschied to the sunny terrace of the Wisper valley.

The walk paradise in the Rheingau (WispertalSteig)

30 miles of well signed, simple walk paths with benches at the most wonderful places and shelters along the main paths, go into all directions. There are also circle paths which lead back to Espenschied.
The hiker can breath the pure nature, especially in the four near, romantic valleys, the Wisper valley, the Herzbach valley, the Werkerbach valley and also the Ernstbach valley.

The new hiking trails of the WispertalSteig invites you for a recreative walk.
During the walks, the hiker has many times the opportunity to take a look into the idyllic Taunus country side, where he will forget all the hectic rusk and the trouble of every day's live.
You will find further information of the WispertalSteig here.

Sights everywhere

Espenschied is a starting point for many interesting trips. downwards the River Rhine, towards Koblenz, lures the legendary Loreley. Near by is the cloister Schönau, which was build in 1117 as a Benedictine cloister.
The 900 years old Lorch surprises with its historical buildings, romantic streets, valuable sculptures and worth seeing churches.
In the near by Rüdesheim you will find international wine happyness and socalibility and - high above the River Rhine - the monumental memorial of the Germania from where you can see the whole coutryside.
The castle Johannisberg, the castle Vollrads and the cloister Eberbach are witnesses of the well known wine cultural tradition of the whole region.
Nice is also to make a trip on a steam boat on the River Rhine, passing the legendary castles and ruins, which lead the whole Rhine valley, even today.

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